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05:34pm 24/02/2006
  Just to inform anyone who had an interest at any point, the Sherlock Holmes diary has moved to the Fluffy Like Razors forums for the forseeable future.

http://www.fluffylikerazors.co.uk/ and select the 'forums and chat'

You should then find the Sherlock Holmes Board with relative ease.

Some people here may or not like the animated series which is the main content of the site, the adventures of Richard Beeminster, greatest detective in Spineville, you may need a slightly off-beat sense of humour to really get those mind ;)


05:08pm 13/11/2005
  DRUMMER Looking to start or join band.

Im 19.From Enfield Ct.I am employed,I have my own set and drive.Im into alot of differnt styles. right now im not really looking for any perticular style i just want to play.Im into hardcore, metal, metalcore, trash, grind, epic metal,screamo, progressive metal, death metal, power metal,melodic experimental, and things like that.

Im am very passionate and dedicated. I am available to play shows and tour.I have been in other bands, and have connections for us to get shows.I know a vocalist and may know other musicians if needed.

bands that im into include but are not limited to:

between the buried and me, dream theatre, explosions in the sky, the december drive, into the moat, with honor,dragon force,blood has been shed, red tide, the marz volta, straylight run, underoath, ion dissonance,black dalia murder, remembering never,stretch amrstrong,deadwater drowning ,beneath the massacre

Im into alot of differnt things and am down to play whatever as long as its artistic and experiemtal in sum way,I am NOT willing to play tough guy hardcore or anything that is too typical sounding we must have our own sound, But i am willing to check it out.The members must be dedicated, talented and serious about playing music and gettin out there.

please contact me at.
CELL- 413-455-5135 (BRANDON)
05:23am 08/07/2005
  hey my name is brandon im in a band from western mass called Art Is Lost we are a mix of metal,hardcore,grind, and melody.

we just put 2 new songs up(rough demos). plus 2 older ones please check us out and leave comments.


thank you for your time

art is lost
hello... i was bored, thought i would pop in :) 
08:19am 23/02/2004
  my name is ellen, i am 21...
and i enjoy going clubbing, going to coffeehouse/bars...watching movies, listenin to ALL types of music, reading books, watching tv (will and grace all the way. hehehe), killin time on the internet... and wishing my fricking ankle would freaking get better. any of you guys had a fractured ankle before? its my first time breaking anything. it bites. i wanna walk like a normal person damn it. owell, maybe the crutches will help tone my arms? gotta try to look on the bright side. ohyeah, another thing to add to what i like to do.. is smoke the herb with good friend(s) and talk politics or about random shit such as rubix cubes. lol...


ohyeah, you probably wanna see pictures, after all thats what the community is for, right? lol... http://www.geocities.com/lostinmyimpulse/me.html

btw, you gotta scroll down. also, if you are into tattoos, mine are on there too. peace out ya'all.
10:41am 26/09/2003
  hey there...check out this band from connecticut called dressed in you
if you are a fan of anything from the refused to in pieces to hopesfall deffinetly peep these guys.
dressed in you mp3
03:19pm 01/09/2003
  I think you peeps might like 77 INDUSTRIES, my online 1" button store. Categories include: Atomic, Robots, Monsters, Retro, Low-Brow & other kitsch varieties! Check it out. :)  
Cleveland Ohio....What the hell is out there??? 
10:37am 12/05/2003
  I am going to that area to see a friend and know absolutely nothing about it? I'm looking for cool clubs (leaning towards the gothy side, coffeehouses, art galleries (low brow style of course), and other general cool hangs or just stuff!

Any ideas? anybody? I'm only there for a weekend. Thanks!

08:54am 28/04/2003
  where can i find free grafitti type fonts like those used by the transplants and famous stars and straps???

i want to get a tattoo done in some grafitti or gangstyle font >.<

you buy NOW! 
11:44am 10/04/2003
mood: awake
beautiful decay is pretty; support 'em
the buff monster coloring book never have i been so in love...
art for the masses 
05:05pm 01/04/2003
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Hot Chick Artist 
10:22am 28/03/2003
mood: awake
My new love who does amazing art. Worth a look if not just for the pic of her. Sue me for lusting. And I'm not that easy. :D


And doi, but how do I post images? I'm a wirgin when it comes to joining communities and this one sounded good. I didn't like the looks of the other lowbrow site. But, the point is, I thought I would post an sample of what I do when it comes to art.

As for Low Brow gallery hopping, I plan on crusing to LA next weekend to check out La Luz de Jesus, Copro Nason, and Track 16. I plan on being in them one day.
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sale sale sale.. 
12:53pm 22/03/2003
mood: anxious
the Attic (vintage store near the chain reaction in anaheim) is having a 50 percent off sale!! i got some Ben Davis' for 12 bux!! see ya there.. :)
Giant Robot 
10:18pm 21/03/2003
mood: accomplished
you know Giant Robot the magazine? well they have a website and store.. mmm here: http://www.giantrobot.com/

japanese urban pop at its best..
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08:07pm 21/03/2003
  hey kids keep yourselves informed and updated with a good source of news.

The Guardian
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Seperated at Birth? 
09:04pm 13/03/2003
mood: suspicious
you make the call...but don't these 2 look suspiciously alike?

coincidince? i think not!!lol
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01:03am 13/03/2003
  c'mon ppl participate and stuff!!!!!!  
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Diary@the 10 spot 
03:31pm 10/03/2003
  For all concerned , a documentary style show is coming on tonite at i think 10pm(check your local listings). It's an MTV diary of Gideon Yago in Kuwait. If you would like to read more about it you can go HERE  
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02:03pm 09/03/2003
mood: bored
my names Will.. just joined the community, wanted to introduce myself... soo, figured for my first post id promote my friend Javier's company: FOURTH CYCLE ... http://www.fourthcycle.com check it out, it definately fits in with this kinda community, political awareness, graf art, shows, etc.. check ya laters...
12:35pm 09/03/2003
  cool website action figures and such and not of the g.i. joe variety

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01:46am 09/03/2003
  hey all welcome to the community , hope you enjoy your stay , now let the posting commence!  
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