LN (alteredsketch) wrote in the_breakdown,

hello... i was bored, thought i would pop in :)

my name is ellen, i am 21...
and i enjoy going clubbing, going to coffeehouse/bars...watching movies, listenin to ALL types of music, reading books, watching tv (will and grace all the way. hehehe), killin time on the internet... and wishing my fricking ankle would freaking get better. any of you guys had a fractured ankle before? its my first time breaking anything. it bites. i wanna walk like a normal person damn it. owell, maybe the crutches will help tone my arms? gotta try to look on the bright side. ohyeah, another thing to add to what i like to do.. is smoke the herb with good friend(s) and talk politics or about random shit such as rubix cubes. lol...


ohyeah, you probably wanna see pictures, after all thats what the community is for, right? lol... http://www.geocities.com/lostinmyimpulse/me.html

btw, you gotta scroll down. also, if you are into tattoos, mine are on there too. peace out ya'all.
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